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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Why Certified Management Accountant in India ? Why Logic School of Management ?

Growth in infrastructure opens new avenue for employment. Employment improves over all living standard by increasing purchase power. Any professional certificate which is globally accepted by it content and structure, could facilitate desirable employment/job and provides skill and tool relevant to practice in practical scenario of industries, takes minimum time/money/energy in terms of investment and brings desirable outcome/perks is acceptable compare to other professional certificate which are equally renowned.
India is producing 1 Engineer/1 MBA in less than a second, which is necessary for overall growth but we are not having pace in terms of growth to accommodate and provide desirable jobs to all.
India's renowned professional certificates in finance & accounting usually take more than 4 yrs/6 yrs in pursuing, though participants pursuing these courses will have desired satisfaction after achieving this milestone but the time and energy invested to do the same if equated in terms of money it is much more than the fact which participants should practically need to understand.Success rates in these professional certificate is hardly a double digit number in final examinations while the true demand in the industries is much higher and these are not a globally accepted certificate.

Certified Management Accountant is a globally accepted and respected professional certificate in Finance & Management Accounting, awarded by Institute of Management Accountant New Jersey US for more than 90 years. IMA members are spread over more than 100 countries, 65000 thousands in number are working successfully as CEO, CFO, Finance Director and as an Asst. Manager of accounts in many of Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

With respect of all the professional certification like CIMA, ACCA of the UK, CPA, CIA & CFA of the US, these are highly rewarded in "Finance & Accounting" domain, pursing and getting them brings true satisfaction to the achiever but it need commendably investment of time, energy and money which is practically not possible to all the professionals working in "Finance & Accounting" and willing to pursue them or the students having acumen but with limited resources. Here CMA US comes handy for them to pursue, earn and have requisite in terms of time, money and experience to go for CPA, CIA or CFA with further strong foundation.CMA provides good number of test  exemptions to those willing to pursue ACCA.

Two-Papers of CMA provides commendable practical knowledge of international practice in Management Accounting, Cost Accounting & Finance Accounting with conceptual approach of the industries.CMA can be pursued with minimum eligibility of graduation and 2 years of prior, while pursuing or after working experience. One can write it's on-line test from any prometric test centers of any major cities across the globe six months of the year. 75% objective and 2 descriptive questions without negative marking make it convenient to plan and approach.50% and more passing rate gives participant more confidence. Overall all these features of CMA makes it more appealing to the working executive and the students.

Globalization and desire of growth, India will become most happening place for MNCs and every day is going to open more and more new job opportunity for CMA in India and across the globe.

Logic School of Management:

Logic for more than a decade, a pioneer of professional certification in "Finance & Accounting" in Asia, with more than hundreds of CMA alumni across the globe, an Accredited Study Center of IMA for CMA in India, of professional faculty base with CMA, CPA US, CA, CMA ( India) becomes ultimate choice for those who are aspiring to pursue CMA pan India, Asia.

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Bhaswati: +91 8469987975, bhas@logiccpacma.com

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