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Explore your Logical Mind
Explore your Logical Mind

Saturday, 12 April 2014

CMA@Logic India is Calling !

Access of internet has brought flexibility & convenience, in urban or rural, saving time, energy and money in all strata of society so in affordability of  quality education in remote of the developing countries.

Logic continuous endeavor to get CMA to all those aspirants who can not reach our study center, could join the group of our Live Online-Interactive students across the India and Middle-East.

Advantage of Live-Online Interactive Classes !

1. Flexible & Convenient evening classes for working executives or studying students,
2. Affordable, as like as class room and one to one interaction,
3. Recorded sessions provide liberty to revise any class at will,
4. Saves time to travel studies center,
5. Saves traveling expenses, agony of traffic and energy,
6. Professionals & experienced faculties for doubt clearance 7 days of the week,
7. Punctuality, Quality and timely guidance in all the aspects of planning for CMA makes us unique !

For Live Online Classes and April 2014 Batch , Call us Today !

Write to us:

Sindhu: sindhu@logiccpacma.com  09738013042, 080 6583 1795
Sanjay: sanjay@logiccpacma.com  09591488805, 080 2520 2072

Visit us: www.logiccpacma.com
Logic School of Management India, 2014

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